3 Popular Products from Lead Alloy Suppliers in India

Lead alloy Suppliers in Bangalore

Out of the many lead alloy manufacturers in Bangalore, Evershine Smelting Alloy Pvt. Ltd. is considered to be the leader. Here, in the following sections we will analyze some of their main offerings.

Evershine Smelting Alloy and Their Popular Products

Red Lead

Evershine is the leading lead alloy Company in Bangalore that offers red lead for various purposes. There are different uses of this high quality red lead, let us go through the details here:

It proves to be useful in manufacturing of battery plates.

Another use of red lead is in coating of ceramics.

For certain ferrous metals, it serves the purpose of protecting them.

Calcium Alloys

Apart from red lead, being among well-known lead alloy suppliers in India, Evershine Smelting Alloy can meet your requirement of calcium alloys. Calcium alloy finds its use in different applications such as:

In manufacturing of batteries and different electrical equipment. It is also popular due to the fact that it has good energy transfer features.

Another application of calcium alloy is in the production of electrode grids which find their use in batteries.

Lead Sub Oxide

Evershine is also one of the few alloy companies in India that offers lead sub oxide. The various applications of lead sub oxide include production of battery plates. Moreover, it can be utilized as an electroplating anode.


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