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Trio World Academy provides excellent boarding facilities for boys, within the campus, keeping the needs of our diverse population on campus. Although the majority of our students are day pupils, our hostel plays an important role for a few families. Flexibility is the key at TWA and we offer full boarding on hostel, weekly and flexi based on individual requirements.

Weekly boarding is when the students use the hostel services from Monday to Friday and go back to their homes during the weekend. Flexi-boarding allows day students to board for a few weeks or a month; if for example, parents are away for a period of time during the term.

The emphasis is on safety and comfort with a warden for boys and house parent for girls who are present at all times. The facilities are open for students of Grade 5 (11 years) and above up to Grade 12. A room is shared by either 2 or 3 students.

Best Boarding School have provided Internet access in the study area. The dinner menu is prepared by the boarding students keeping in mind the boarders tastes and preferences. We provide Indian and Asian Cuisine that includes both Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian food.

Every Wednesday during games time if required, students are escorted to Sahakar Nagar for any purchases. On alternate weekend the boarders are taken out for an outing. The venue is planned along with the students so that their interests are kept in mind and transportation is by the school bus.

We as Residential School in Bangalore aim is to ensure that when a student stays with us, he/she is safe, secure and happy.

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