6 Ways the AWS Consulting Services Can Serve your Business

AWS consulting services are the certified partners that work to help your business build, deploy, and manage the complex Amazon cloud architecture.  AWS cloud provides several cost-effective solutions. It eliminates the need to procure, deploy, and maintain the hardware infrastructure.  Enterprises can manage without the need of technically qualifies experts if their business is not IT concerned.

Who is the AWS partner?

The AWS consulting services can be an individual or an organization that has undergone through the training and credential program. The objective is to effectively assist the clients within the AWS cloud environment. They will assess your cloud requirements, create strategies similar to your business infrastructure needs, integrate and implement the plans for your business to get complete access and housing in the cloud environment.


The services offered

AWS consulting services is the competent AWS partner building solutions helping clients migrate their data to AWS, hosting websites and applications over AWS. They are a team of highly experienced AWS certified solution architects and engineers that can be of aid for almost all types of projects in the cloud.

  1. Compute:

AWS offers several amazing compute services which will enable the users to achieve high performance with low investment.   Products like Autoscaling and EC2 assure of business availability and continuity with protection against outages, system failures and allows scale resources up and down. The consultants with the AWS consulting services can recommend your firm on the type of compute resources that will best serve your business. They will be able to assist in forecasting the cloud compute services needed.

  1. Storage:

AWS offers storage services that can be scaled on demand. Amazon S3 (simple storage service) is an elastic platform where the users pay for services they consume. This assures the clients do not pay for services that they may never use.

  1. Database:
    AWS offers many relational and NoSQL database services and an in-memory caching service. There are four platforms- Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elasti Cache, and Amazon DynamoDB.
  1. Cloud migration

The AWS consulting services also offer migratory services to move data and applications from an in-house facility or a third-party data center to the AWS cloud. The migratory services include seamless transition with constant monitoring throughout the process to ensure no data is lost and ensure there is no interference that could disrupt the business availability. The consultant team provide guidance in which AWS products and services will suit the client business and how the products must be optimized.

  1. Security and Compliance

While cloud has its benefits for every organization, the cybercriminals also use the technology to create new ways to intrude and disrupt a service. Security is a top priority with AWS. The AWS user management is a method to enhance the security system. Organizations have the control to give its employees and others access to the data while creating specific accounts and privileges.

Root User credentials:  Users create an email ID and Password to sign in to the AWS account. It gives the users access to the complete information and data. However, it is not possible to create restrictions or privileges here.

identity and Access Management(IAM): It identifies the user. You can create individual user accounts and assign privileges to other users as per their responsibilities.

  1. Network

AWS ensure efficiency, security, and agility in delivering the data and other forms of content.  Amazon Cloudfront is the reliable content delivery network service that assures the best speed in delivery of content from the cloud to any AWS connected physical location.  You could use the AWS Direct connect to create a private connection between the AWS cloud and your business premises.

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