7 Biggest Weight Loss tradition you should Stop Believing

All say, “The more you sweat, the more weight you will lose” while others say, “if you’re aiming for weight loss, then cardio is the top workout for you”. If you are new to fitness, you will get to hear many such things. But let me tell you, most of them are truly legends. They can end you from achieving your fitness goals and also have a detrimental result on your body. Thus, before you start on your fitness routine, here are seven legends that you need to stop believing in right now.

Weight Loss tradition
Legend 1: The less You Sweat, The More Weight You Will Lose.

Weight loss is all about burning calories. At the end of the day, all that matters is the amount of calories that you have been able to burn rather than how much you sweat while working out. The amount of calories used up must forever be greater than the number of calories consumed (in the form of food) if you are planning to lose weight.

Legend 2: No Pain, No Gain.
If you get body pains or sore muscles after exercising, it doesn’t mean that you’re receiving fitter. When you start working a new exercise or lift a heavier weight, muscle soreness is quite common. But, if you practice serious pain, it’s a sign that you must stop without delay. It’s a suggestion that you’re injuring yourself.

Legend 3: Crunches Are The Key for Six-Pack Abs.
You get flat abs when you do workout that burn off fats, such as planks and push-ups. These workouts are far more valuable than crunches. Yes, crunches do help in toning your abs, but the key to flat (or six-pack) abs is doing workout that target the whole core, combined with cardio and a healthy diet.

Legend 4: All Calories Are Equal.
Calories are of different types, such as protein calories, carb calories, fat calories, etc. Though all of them have the same energy content, they do not have a related result on our body. Thus, you require understanding about each of them and starting working on burning those calories that help you lose weight.

Legend 5: Cardio Is For Weight Loss and Strength Training is to make Muscles.
Cardio exercises are a huge way to burn fat. However, it burns fat only while you are exercising and not the entire day. Other exercises, such as weight lifting, help in overall weight loss and work full-time.
For superior and earlier results, you must perform both cardio and weightlifting workout.

Legend 6: Girls necessity not Do Weightlifting.
This is another big legend that only boys must do weightlifting. This is completely false. Agreed, girls need to focus more on toning their body, but along with it, strengthening the body is similarly important. This can be achieved only with the help of weight lifting workout.

Legend 7: Skipping Meals Helps You Lose Weight.
Many people believe that skipping meals, specially breakfast, assists in weight loss, but the case is otherwise. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and if you skip your breakfast and work out, you will feel hungrier. And eventually, you will end up eating more food for dinner. Thus, starving is a big NO.
A healthy diet and a proper and well-trained habit is what you require for a healthy and fit body.

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