7 Habits Your Pee Is Trying To Tell You Something

How often do you pee in a day? Maybe six or seven times? Or maybe more than that, depending on the total of water you drink. Urinalysis or the study of urine has been approximately for years, and it can reveal a lot about your overall health. This is why the urine test is done before starting any treatment.
Here are some indications that you require to see your doctor.

1. Your Pee Has A Foul Smell.
Urine clearly doesn’t smell wonderful. If you feel that it is emitting a truly bad smell, like a rotten fish, it might be a signal of infection in the urinary bladder. Though the smell of urine varies from person to person, it is always better to watch out for the smell horrible.

2. Your Pee has a cute Scent.
A signal that you might be suffering from diabetes. If you note a cute smell, visit your doctor immediately and get your blood sugar level checked before the condition goes out of control.

3. You knowledge A Burning Sensation While Urinating.
If you suffer a burning sensation while urinating once in a while, it might be because of lack of drinking of water or due to holding in your pee for a longer time. But if this happens to you all time you pee, do not neglect it. This might be an indication of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), which is caused due to bacterial bug in the urinary tract.

4. Your Urine is rosy or pink.
If you have red or purple fruits or vegetables such as blackberries or beetroot, red or pink colored urine is quite common. But if it is not the case, it might be a sign of the presence of blood in your pee. Talk to your doctor if you note this. Here is a urine color chart for your reference:

5. You note Blood in Your Pee.
The medical terminology for the presence of blood in the urine is hematuria, and this condition is accompanied by pain as well. This might be cause due to some factors such as infection in the urinary bladder, kidney stones, and even cancer. Thus, a checkup is recommended.

6. Your Urine appears overcast.
By overcast urine, we mean that your urine appears milky and foamy. This is a warning sign that there is an infection in your system, and it needs to be treated instantly. The foam is generally formed due to the excretion of bacteria and leukocytes.

7. You urinate repeatedly.
If you drink a lot of water, you will urinate repeatedly. But, if you do not drink much water and still urinate quite often, it is not a thing to be ignored. The general reasons you are urinating more than normal are an infection in the urethra, excessive alcohol consumption, diabetes, and pregnancy. You need to talk to a doctor instantly.
Your urine reveals how well you are. The next time you pee, if you notice any of the above signs, visit your doctor directly.


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