A brief guide on CRA- Canada Revenue Agency audit

At the time of business audits, the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) closely analyses books and records of small and medium scale businesses to make sure that they cater to their obligation. They also examined that they applied for tax laws accurately, and get any amount to which they are eligible. The fact is, in Canada, there is a high level of compliance with tax laws, but CRA audit helps to maintain a high level of compliance with tax laws.

  • How do the CRA select files for business audits?

The Canada Revenue Agency’s risk-assessment system chooses files to audit, which is based on a number of conditions like the potential for errors in tax returns. This audit also analyses the information it has on file along with comparing that information to the same files or observe information from other audits or investigations as well.

  • What does a CRA auditor examine during a business audit?

While you availing tax accountant Ajax services like CRA audit, then an auditor will analyze books and records, and information, documents, such as:

  • your business records or files such as invoices, receipts, ledgers, journals, bank statements, and contracts.
  • your personal records such as mortgage documents, bank statements, and credit card statements)
  • the information available on the Canada Revenue Agency such as credit bureau searches, tax returns previously filed or property database information
  • the business records of other individuals not being audited: For Instance, corporations, partnerships, a trust or a spouse, family members,

During a CRA audit, the auditor will pick out issues and speak them with you. At the same time, you can additionally raise your concerns with the auditor. Moreover, once the auditor finishes the examination of the information supplied, the final results will decide the following steps.

Correct evaluation: If the auditor considers that your previous assessment is accurate, not something extra has to be achieved. In this case, you will obtain a completion letter and the audit might be winding up.

More taxes owed or a refund: If the audit reveals that your return needs to be reassessed, you may receive a proposal letter revealing the cause for the reassessment. In this case, you will have one month to agree or disagree with the proposed reassessment. The auditor can, in addition, provide an explanation for the reassessment if required.

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