A buyer’s guide for the best eco bikes for women

There are generally two basic differences for alloy folding bike for women if we compare these with men’s bike and unisex bikes. These two differences have generated to provide more comfort to ladies.

  • Short distance between Saddle and handlebars

These bikes are generally made with a small distance between the saddle and the handlebars. These bikes are having short top tubes as well as steeper seat tube with a short stem on the handlebars which provide more comfort to the bike rider.

  • Comparably small size

Women’s bikes are generally available in small size as compared to men bikes. These smaller sizes are for the convenience of women.

  • Lowered top tube

A lower top tube in these women bikes countenances a lower stand over height. This feature can usually be found in women’s hybrid and mountain bikes. There are various designs in these lowered top tube eco bikes. These designs can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  • Bikes with Short crank arms

These bikes are especially for those riders who are having short legs. These short crank arms can help the bike rider to use the pedal without stretching their legs. Short cranks also affect the need of gears.

  • Various Bikes with different gear ratios

Some women bikes are available with the double or triple crankset. In unisex bikes, there is usually a single ring, but in women bike, there are two to three rings for providing lower gear ratio as compared to unisex bikes.

  • Narrow size of handlebars

Women bikes with narrower handlebars have specially designed for women with narrow shoulders.

All of these alloy ladies bikes are available in few numbers within each range. If Unisex bikes are four to five in number, women bikes will be two to three only.  This can be because of less demand of women bikes. The reason can be less known for women bikes or less known for the difference between unisex and women bikes.

  • Different designs of these bikes

These women bikes are generally made on the basis of information regarding requirements of women as more upright riding position, different bikes for longer and shorter legs and lower top tube on the frame. Many bike companies are refining their designs now on the basis of data received from female riders.

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