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Answer to few of them

IT Park Advertising

Information technology parks abbreviated as IT parks are designed as a hub of corporations that are engaged in providing information technology and science services. The infrastructure of IT parks is specifically designed to deliver high-speed connectivity and telecommunication services. India has several foremost IT Parks like electronics City- Bangalore, Magarpatta- Pune, HITECH City-Hyderabad, Infotech Park- Mumbai, DLF IT Park-Noida, Cyber City- Gurugram and plenty of additional in major Indian cities.

Advertising activities in tech parks falls underneath niche advertising, wherever the audience is restricted to businessmen, professionals, employees, guests and expatriate employees. The advertising strategy at IT Park is totally different from the advertising strategy used at the other place as the audience here is educated, working-class, knowledgeable and decision-makers. Therefore, the communication message has got to be very impactful, candid and visually appealing.

Which brands can make use of IT park advertising?

The most common products and services that may be promoted at IT parks include:

  • Financial ( Banking and life insurance) services
  • Fast Food chains
  • Health Care Services
  • Automobile Services
  • Network service provider brands
  • Food and Beverage brands
  • Travel services
  •  E-commerce
  • Clothing line
  • Electronics
  • ETC

What is the target audience at IT parks?

IT parks have an affluent set of audience that may include:

  • Business Men
  • Company Professionals
  • Foreign Delegates
  • Expatriate employees
  • Employees
  • ETC

IT parks have so many employees, that are decision-makers for any finance-related services or product that may be required on the personal front. The audience at IT Park accommodates staff with an annual income of roughly 5-10 lakh. The age bracket of the staff varies from 25-30 whereas the guests fall between the age group of 31-45years. These demographics facilitate the advertisers to create an ad campaign that resonates with the audience and motivates them to buy a product or service.

How to promote product or service at IT parks?

Advertisers will make use of various locations inside the IT parks to communicate their message. Best suited location for Advertisement at Tech parks include:

  • Parking space
  • Common Walkways
  • Company Lobby
  • Lifts
  • Escalators
  • Food courts
  • Waiting Areas

Brands will adopt totally different advertising mediums like Pole Kiosks, Signage, Elevator door ads etc for reaching the audience.

What are the advantages of IT Park advertising?

Various brands like IT park advertising as a result of it is:

  • Cost-effective:  The communication message is meant for a particular set of audience and not for masses.
  • Promotes brand loyalty: The audience at IT Park is brand acutely aware and doesn’t embrace brand switchers.
  • Increased sales: because the audience has high purchasing power and mostly include decision-makers, the brands promoted at IT parks are additional possible to possess higher sales.

As declared higher than Advertising activities in Tech parks Bangalore is an element of niche advertising wherever the audience is finite by common factors like life-style, income, purchasing power, brand consciousness and income levels. Only selective brands and services will profit from IT park advertising. These brands should have a major motive to push themselves that a possible buyer will relate to.

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