Always Resort to Gurumantra for Internal Peace

The time is like an ocean wave which never comes back when passed, so one must value the time by spending it in good deeds, said  Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan while addressing the disciples during weekly congregation at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa, Haryana.

Throwing the light on the importance of time HE said, “One must not waste time in anger, jealousy and other vices, rather one should meditate on God’s words. In today’s era of Kaliyuga, man has become thankless. He never gets satisfied with the grace showered by Almighty God and keeps demanding worldly pleasures. He forgets the thousands of benisons granted by Almighty, if HE delays his demands or does not fulfill his unfair wanting.

A true disciple always asks for HIS grace and glimpses only. He never seeks for materialistic things and keeps striving to make himself able for divine love. He wishes Guru’s divine vision in every particle even after death. Those who love the Guru unconditionally, they do never die but become immortal in both the realms.”

Guruji said, “When a man is happy physically, financially and mentally, he never remembers the Guru. He recites Gurumantra only when he falls short of money, health or internal peace. When a man makes a new home, he decorates it with beautiful door. He praises the beauty of door for a few weeks but then gets bored soon and says that the door irritates him and he has to open it again and again. The man has taken Almighty like that door. He recites HIS name only when he is in need; otherwise he tries to ignore and defy HIS name.”


Further His Holiness Guruji said, “One should not forget the God in good days and keep meditating regularly. One must be thankful to God in all the states be it happiness or the grief. Neither one should fall in agony too deep, nor should one become too proud in happiness that he forgets the God. To cope up with all these states and to ease the pain of distressed souls, Beparwah Sai Mastana Ji founded Dera Sacha Sauda, where true method of meditation is taught. This Gurumantra is a panacea that frees everyone from the worldly states of happiness and grief and raises above all the sufferings.

One should attend the holy discourse regularly; true saints always shower the grace in the form of sermons in satsang. For a true saint, every human being is child of God; HE never curses anyone and prays for everyone’s well-being. True Saints always wish and work for the betterment of society. Those who pray for wellness for others make themselves eligible for God’s grace. Thinking about oneself is not bad. One should give time to one’s family, business and oneself. One should accomplish all these deeds and chores responsibly but must not forget the Almighty while doing all this. One should always remember the benevolences of Almighty and always be thankful to HIM. Meditation, humility and serving humanity are the best ornaments for a volunteer that he can adorn. He must meditate regularly, spend time in service of humanity and must stay humble & polite with everyone.”

Guruji asked all the devotees gathered in the Satsang pandal to encourage their children to walk on the right path and to do meditation. HE said, “If you place a reward for meditation, your child will happily do it. In this way, the child will remain connected with the divinity of God and will not get inclined towards vices. If you reward him with pocket money for doing meditation, it will get him internal peace as well he would get some extra money added in his bank savings. True saints work according to time. They read and observe the need of hour and then benefit the society with their grace accordingly.”



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