An Insight into Tests Performed by Best Cardiac Consultants in Coimbatore

If someone is undergoing heart problems then what are the common tests that are performed by Cardiac Consultants in Coimbatore? Let us find an answer to this question in the following sections.

Tests Performed by Best Cardiac Consultants in Coimbatore to Examine Heart Problems


Dr.Om Prakasham and other Cardiac consultants Coimbatore carry out electrocardiogram to record electronic activity taking place within the heart. It is a painless as well as non-invasive test that is performed at Heart Center.

In addition, the test also reveals strength and timing of electrical signals that pass through the heart. As per Dr. Om Prakasham, best heart doctor in Coimbatore, the advantage of performing this test is that it assists in examining heart damage due to CHD and also in tracing heart attack symptoms.

Stress Test

According to best cardiac surgeons in Coimbatore, it becomes easier to trace heart problems when the heart beats faster. This concept is used in stress test and medication is provided to raise heart beat so that required tests can be carried out. During stress test best cardiac consultants in India also carry out electrocardiogram as well as analyze the blood pressure to make sure everything is alright.


Another of the pain less and non-invasive methods, echocardiography involves use of sound waves to develop moving picture of your heart. Surgeons at Heart Center Coimbatore utilize this test for checking size and share of your heart.

Echocardiography also helps surgeons examine parts of your heart that are experiencing bad blood flow and also check heart muscles that are not functioning art required.

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