An Insight into Various Uses of Alloy Products Produced by Alloy Companies in India

If you are looking for an alloy company then Evershine Smelting Alloy is one of the leading names in the industry. In the following sections let us look at few of their main products.

Popular Products of Evershine Smelting Alloy Company

Red Lead | Calcium Alloys | Lead Sub Oxide | Lead Alloys

Red Lead

Evershine Smelting Alloy is one of the leading red lead suppliers in India. This red lead is used in different applications such as:

It is used in the manufacture of battery plates.

Another application area for read lead is as coating for ceramics.

It is also utilized as primer for protecting ferrous metals.

Calcium Alloys

Being an alloy company Bangalore, we also produce calcium alloys which are used for:

Different types of calcium alloys like lead calcium alloy and calcium alloy are utilized in batteries as well as in electrical equipment that need a compound having good energy transfer properties.

It is also utilized in manufacture of electrode grids that are used in automotive batteries.


Lead Sub Oxide

Evershine Smelting Alloy is among well-known lead sub oxide suppliers in India. It is produced in ball mill plant and is widely utilized in the preparation of lead acid battery plates.

Few of its other applications include:

Liners for sulphuric acid tanks

Electroplating anode

Lead Alloys

Like other alloy companies in India, Evershine Smelting Alloy provides lead alloys. The good thing about lead is that it is able to form an alloy with several metals.

For instance, soft solders tend to be lead tin alloys and fusible alloys are generally a mix of lead, cadmium, and similar other metals.

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