An Overview of Alloy Products Offered by Alloy Companies in India

There are many alloy companies in Bangalore and Evershine Smelting Alloy is considered the leader among them. Our aim here will be to check main products they are offering.

Product Offered by Evershine Alloys

Red Lead

We are the premier red lead suppliers in Bangalore, India. The red lead we provide can be used for different purposes like:

In the manufacturing process of battery plates.

For coating ceramics using red lead.

Red lead can also be used to safeguard ferrous metals.

Calcium Alloys

As one of the Lead alloy Company in Bangalore we are the main suppliers of calcium alloys. The calcium alloy we supply can be utilized for:

Forms of calcium alloy include lead calcium alloy and these alloys are used in electrical equipment and also in batteries. Calcium alloy is solely selected because of energy transfer qualities it has.

Calcium alloys are also used for manufacturing electrode grids, commonly utilized in batteries.

Lead Sub Oxide

As top lead sub oxide suppliers in India we offer lead sub oxide of highest quality. Used for preparing battery plates, this oxide is manufactures in ball mill plants. In addition, lead sub oxide can also be used as electroplating anode and in the form of liner for sulphuric acid tanks.

Lead Alloys

Similar to rest of the alloy companies in India, we also supply lead alloys of high quality that can easily form alloy with other metals. For example, a form of lead tin alloy is the soft solder that we commonly use.

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