Are you psychic? Join us to know your real power

Do you ever wonder who the psychic mediums really are? Although different people have different views about the psychic mediums, but still it is very challenging to understand the real meaning.

Sometime, few individuals can sense their power of seeing the future, present and past of a person. They tune the spirit energy that normally surrounds the person. This shows that the mediums generally depend on non-physical energy.  Every one of us has a psychic ability inside; it is all about recognizing it. There are certain signs, which show that you are a psychic medium.

  1. Feel the presence of spirits

If you can see the spirits after the age of three, then you possess a psychic power. The reason behind this is that the babies are the most common link to get connected with the spirit world.

  1. Experience something different

This is a condition when you feel some presence around you. At that time you find some deeper connection, but not able to relate it.

  1. By the peripheral vision, you can see several things

It is a condition where someone sees sparkles, shadows and flashing lights. Sometimes, these are called as spirit lights. It’s a god gift when you can see these spirits through your mind’s eye.

  1. Presence of clairsentience

Clairsentience is a condition is which by entering any room or building, an individual can feel something awful. At that time, your body gets shivered due to cold environment.

  1. Become anxious in dark

Some of the medium can sense the presence of unknown thing when the light goes out.

  1. Hearing unknown voices

This state is known as clairaudience. At this time, the psychics listen to the spooky voices or whispering in the ears. Additionally, one can also listen to music, sound and buzzing voice.

  1. Individual become very sensitive to stimulation

If you are clairsentient, you can sense something different in the crowded place, smell and noise. This happens because you are sensitive to the energy.

  1. Continuously dreamt of different things

A psychic medium generally dream of past lives and something about the people and places where they never have been in their life.

  1. Know the language of animals

It sounds weird, but it is true. A psychic can easily understand the language of animals to communicate with them.

  1. Feel connected with the person who is passed away

Hush! This brings a chill inside the body. Yet, it is truth. If you are psychic, you can understand the presence of the spirit of dead people.

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