Arsis Green Hills Reviews KR puram – Arsis Green Hiils

One day, while surfing on the internet for more properties near Bangalore, 

I came across Arsis Green Hills Reviews KR Puram. I had seen posters for their advertisement somewhere. 

It is hard to find a perfect home, especially when the internet is full of different website links, there are many reviews and recommendations given by experts, influencers, and the residents of different projects. However, I was looking for something more. 

I thought of visiting the site. I called the number given on the website, and since then the journey has been smooth and positive. The test of Arsis developers is cooperative. Talking to them I was more than sure to confirm the site visit. As per the Arsis Green Hills Reviews, I was expecting a salacious, clean, and grand project. In reality, the project is much more than what reviews say. Needless to say, I have booked one apartment here. 

Right from the grand, pleasant entrance & exit to clean premises, and range of amenities, this project is amazing. Bus stands, railway stations, even the international airport is nearby the location. Even the market and malls are close to the premises, so one does not have to spend hours in traffic.

I personally love to swim, and I was happy to see a swimming pool in the amenities. Overall, the project has taken care of its residents’ entertainment, health needs and has built all the indoor, outdoor activities. The park is lush green and grand. Weekends will surely feel more pleasant here.

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