Beauty of Emerald Gemstone

Man has always cherished gemstones. If you turn down the pages of ancient history, you can find evidences that show how gemstones have been valued and esteemed from ages. Especially, royal people have always loved them. And, to be specifically talking of Emerald gemstones, it needs no mention that both men and women have always loved to own it.

Todays, major share of this beautiful gemstone Emerald comes from countries like South America and Africa. To be bit more specific Columbia, Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe are known to have Emerald mines. Well, there are deposits in Asia as well. These places are believed to have the purest stones. You must know few of the specific features of Emerald to consider while making purchase of the gemstone.

The first thing any common buyer sees while buying Emerald is its color. Most of the people get attracted to its bright and vibrant turquoise green color. Yes, the tint of the stone does determine its value to an extent. The color of Emerald stones is the result of the combination of trace amounts of chromium, vanadium and iron. And, the more is the percentage of chromium or vanadium, the more vibrant is the green color. Iron adds a slightly blue shade to it.

In the royal era kings and queens used to adorn themselves with jewelleries of gemstones like emerald and ruby to signify their wealth and richness. Though those periods are gone, yet the fascination for gemstones is still there. People love wearing emerald and sapphire even today. We take pride in being known as certified gemstones supplier in Jaipur. So if you are looking for authentic gems supplier or wholesale diamond rings supplier in India, you can contact us online or call us. We guarantee you the best in class gemstones all over the country.

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