Beginners Guide to Car Detailing and Detail Supplies

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned car detailer, cleaning your automobile feels like a chore most of the times. To car enthusiasts, though, detailing a car is like washing a car on steroids. It is usually a car cleaning perfection that gives beyond showroom results and quality with the right car detail supplies.

What is Car Detailing?

As the word suggests, this is cleaning an automobile in a ‘detailed’ way. Whether you will be doing it using normal car pressure washers or other specially designed equipment, the process is usually a thorough one and produces a better shine. In addition, detailing helps to protect a car’s paint against contaminants and UV rays.

Components of Car Detailing

When detailing a car, the following guideline is generally used:

  1. Cleaning the Interiors and Exteriors

With no doubt, the first step is to clean the car. This is usually done beginning with the outside or inside, whichever part you want to start with. It also helps to deal with the stubborn debris, dirt, road grime, and other stuff using wash mitts, car wash soaps, and microfiber towels. If one needs to buff it too, they can also use such tools as car buffing pads.

  1. Protecting the Exteriors

Car detailing also involves protecting its exterior components as well as the paint. Here, some people use paint sealants while others use ceramic coatings and others wax. Some can also be used together to achieve the best results.

Things to Remember While Detailing Your Car

Before you get started with the process, the following golden rules should be your main focus.

  • Avoid washing the car under direct sunlight: – almost every detailing product does not do well when exposed to the sun’s rays or on hot surfaces. Excessive heat will also speed up the drying of the water and soap used, which makes the surface prone to cracking too or losing the finish quite fast.
  • Avoid cross-contamination: – this can be done by avoiding using all products on the same areas or surfaces. Therefore, you can change the towels or cloths, buckets, water, and brushes whenever you switch locations or surfaces.
  • Make lubrication your friend, always: – whenever you are touching the paint of your automobile, ensure to use some sort of lubricants. You should always avoid wiping, cleaning, or touching the paint with bare hands or improper towels.
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