Benefits of accounting jobs in Sydney

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The degree of a chartered accountants Sydney is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world. It is not easy to become a chartered accountant considering the difficult courses and examinations that you have to undergo. In fact a chartered accountant is considered to be a cut above the other accountants as he or she has completed a rigorous three years article ship while pursuing his studies. The chartered accountant is the most in demand financial professional in the world today, especially in a place like Sydney, Australia. The country has a booking technological and financial sector that is just perfectly right for a chartered accountant. Sydney accountants are considered to be one of the top most in the world, with companies like the azure group boasting of high level competence.

A chartered accountants in Sydney is one of the most sought after professional in the finance industry. There is a great dearth of young accounting professionals in the financial domain. It would provide you with leverage as the qualification of a chartered accountant is the highest and the toughest qualifications to have. Being a chartered accountant can provide you with a whole lot of opportunities.

Some of the benefits of being a Sydney accountant include:

Interesting work. Forget the clichés about bean counters toiling over stacks of musty financial records in sunless offices. Today’s accountants work on many different types of tasks. They often work in teams and much work in clients’ offices. Advances in technology mean many mundane activities have been automated, allowing accountants to focus on more challenging issues.

An exciting work environment. Your colleagues will – most of the time be clever, motivated, and share your passion for accounting. The ambience of the city of Sydney is even a bonus to making your work environment amazing.

No career ceilings. A variety of career paths are available to accountants. These range from public accounting, to government and non-profit careers, to corporate accounting and academia. There are also many specialities such as tax, healthcare and environmental accounting. Accounting can also serve as a launching pad for careers in business, consulting, law, education, government and non-profits.

Travel the world. Accountants are in demand everywhere meaning it’s relatively easy to get a work visa for, or even citizenship of, a foreign country. If you work for one of the globe-spanning accountancy behemoths, you’ve got a good chance of being able to arrange a tour of duty somewhere like New York or London.

Autonomy. If you tired of working for someone, and want to be your own boss, you can join the heaving ranks of those accountants who have started their own firms in Sydney. Accountants in Sydney are known to build their own businesses and enterprise.

A healthy income. While salaries vary depending on the field and employer, Australian accountancy grads can expect to start on a salary of around $50,000. There’s the very real opportunity to double or triple that within 10 years. Should you continue to climb the greasy pole, it’s possible you could end up earning hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars a year.

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