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As per Redbridge Academy Bangalore, the main benefit of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is that it assists students develop certain skills, which will support them throughout their life. Let us explore the benefits of this 2-year pre university programme available in IB schools in Bangalore in this Redbridge International Academy Bangalore.

Review of IBDP Diploma Programme

Benefit #1: Positive Impact Over University Admissions

As per study performed by UK’s HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), IB Diploma graduates stand a better chance of getting enrolment in any of the top 20 UK’s HEIs (Higher Education Institutions).

According to Redbridge International Academy review and research performed by CPSTP or Chicago Post-Secondary Transition Project, it is more likely that graduates from IBDP will get enrolled in universities, remain enrolled, as well as perform better in their studies.

Improved Research Skills

There are two components in IBDP curriculum taught in best IB schools in Bangalore, Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. These components helps students develop better organizational as well as research skills. According to Redbridge International school Bangalore, the Extended Essay helps students increase their comprehension of how to prepare research projects while they are pursuing undergraduate courses.

In addition, Redbridge International school reviews show that the Extended Essays also help IBDP students excel in their undergraduate studies after they pass out from best IB schools in Bangalore.


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