Best Embedded Systems Training Institute in Bangalore – VLSIGuru

Embedded Systems Training – VLSIGuru Institute is highly rated among the Best Embedded Training Institutes in Bangalore. Embedded Systems Training in Bangalore is targeted towards BE, ME Fresher’s & Engineers working in other domains

Embedded Systems Training  (VG-EMBEDDED) is  16 weeks course  to enable engineers develop skills in full breadth of Embedded systems starting from Advanced C,  Data Structures, LPC1313 Micro  controller architecture with ARM Cortex m3 processor, Linux internals and C++. Training is offered in both classroom and online training modes. Embedded Systems Training in Bangalore is targeted towards BE, ME fresher’s and Engineers working in other domains planning to make career in Embedded systems domain. Course structure is framed keeping in mind the current industry requirements.

Embedded Systems Training divided in to multiple aspects, with training focused on all aspects from Embedded Systems basics,   all   industry standard micro controller architectures, Embedded C programming, standard interface protocols and   multiple   industry   standard projects on Automotive. All these topics are covered with practical examples based on these boards.

Embedded Systems Training course also covers multiple   hands-on projects based on industry standard Automotive LPC1313 micro controller. Learning starts from developing simple board based projects to complex projects involving   multiple peripherals connected to make a complex embedded system. All these projects are done from scratch. Course curriculum also ensures that student does these projects hands-on with trainer guidance as part of dedicated lab sessions.

Embedded Systems Training also includes 30+ detailed assignments (10 in C and Data structures, 10 in Micro controllers and Peripherals, 10 in Linux Internals). These assignments are prepared by industry experts covering all aspects from embedded systems. Student gets to work on these assignments with complete guidance from trainers and student learning is evaluated using completion of assignments as the sole criteria.

VLSIGuru Institute has expertise in both VLSI and Embedded system domain. We have trained more than 1000 graduates over last 5 years since training was started in 2012. VLSIGuru Institute is rated among the Best Embedded Training Institutes in Bangalore.


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