Birds are not meant to be caged, they are for flying in the open sky

All over the globe, the illegal trade of African grey parrots is started getting discovered. The unbridled deforestation has made the parrots to wipe out from their wildlife habitat. A few times back in northern Republic of Congo, around one hundred of illegally captured African Grey Parrots were seized. By hearing this, one question just come into the mind – how is it possible to capture all the parrots before they fly away? The answer is very simple. Parrots are considered as the most ‘hyper social birds’. At the time when they come down for clearings, the trappers confined them with care. If you love them, you can find Parrots for sale online.

The buyers are ready to pay thousands of dollars to buy them. The business is catching the pace with each passing day. When they are shipped to different parts of the world, most of them are not able to survive. This happens because; they are kept inside the tiny and dirty cages. If we talk about their popularity, they are bought as an avian pet, especially in the US, Europe and Middle East. Their population is rapidly declining and become the matter of concern. According to the government, African Grey Parrots are fall into the group of ‘Partially Protected’ species in Republic of Congo. This big step brings a hold on the illegal trading of parrots. As per law, the traffickers have to spend around 18 months in the jail and have to pay fine of 50,000 XAF ($800). African Grey parrots for sale online are available for you.

These medium sized, black billed and predominantly grey colour parrots are the native of equatorial Africa, including Congo, Cote, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. There are only 1,20,100 and 2,59,000 of African Grey parrots are remained in the world. For living purpose, they prefer to move in dense forests and are open to different vegetation types like a gallery and savanna forests. Thus, their habitat makes them the easy catch. There are different methods by which they are captured. One of them include, the collectors go to the venture, deep inside the forest and normally tower up above the forest canopy. They have to wait for all the night and climb up the highest branch of a palm tree. Strong chemical glue is coated on the bushes so as to catch the parrots.

The United States and other countries have strictly banned the trade of African Grey parrots at the meeting on International Trade in Endangered Species. To rehabilitate the parrots, some measures have to be taken strictly. Experts like veterinarians and experienced caretakers should be given jobs of rehabilitating the parrots. The transportation of the parrots to the rehabilitation centers should be done with care and try to make the journey free from stress.

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