Boarding facilities available at Redbridge International Academy?

What are the boarding facilities available at Redbridge International Academy? Let us look at the details in the following sections.

Facilities at Boarding Schools in Bangalore

Hostel Facilities

The good thing about Redbridge International Academy Review Bangalore is that here all the hostel facilities are ingeniously designed, well lit, and spacious. The rooms are such that they can accommodate 3 students in each of the rooms. High level of security is maintained in hostels on a round the clock basis. Security personnel make sure that without required permission no one leaves or enters the hostel premise.


RBIA school Review Bangalore strives to offer healthy and fresh food to its students. The well equipped kitchen and experienced staff ensure that the food prepared is hygienic and at the same time wholesome. The cafeteria is also the place where we help students learn social etiquette and mannerism.

Weekend Activities

Redbridge International school reviews the schedule that boarders should have during weekends and actively implements it. As such, boarders get the opportunity to enjoy different sporting activities and can also take part in co-curricular activities like dance, music, pottery, arts, etc. that are supervised by resident faculty of Redbridge International Academy Bangalore. Additionally, the boarders are free to go for cinema, or visit malls or amusement parks.


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