Body Massage at California SPA in Bangalore

The owner of California SPA Anil has a life long passion for health wellness and natural cures including but not limited to naturopathy, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, body massage, homeopathy etc. He has trained in some of the best Massage training institutes in the world located in California.  Some of these are the Santa Monica School of Massage in Los Angeles which specializes in the Swedish style of massage.  Also the Intuitive School of Massage in Santa Barbara which emphasizes on a Mind Body Spirit approach.  Then the world famous Harbin School of Massage located at Harbin Hot Springs (see which is a pioneer in soulful techniques with even greater focus on energy healing.


Watsu and Tantsu were invented here by the creative master Harold Dull. Owner was also influenced by the Esalen institute in Big Sur ( which developed the long free flowing strokes in healing body massage. Other influences have been ayurveda oils and ointment. We custom blend our own oils and we use another high quality ointment for aches and pains. We try make a harmonious eclectic mix of all the above to create a unique style which is often imitated but never replicated.  Each and every therapist is retrained in our unique style no matter how many years of previous experience they have had. Soothing meditative music ,  ayurveda incense, potent ayurveda ointment and our custom aromatic oils for the basis of our treatment. We send a quality control checklist to each client before the massage. If there are any issues they are encouraged to call the center during the session so that it can be immediately rectified.


We offer a wide range of massage styles and techniques.  Each client can select the one he or she wants or a combination. The price is the same irrespective of the style the client chooses. We encourage the client and therapist to communicate their feedback and needs to each other so that expectations are clear and so that the therapist can customize the session.  Therapist will ask to check if pressure is OK and if client wants any areas repeated. For body massage in Bangalore including home massage Bangalore, door step message Bangalore, hotel massage Bangalore and female massage Bangalore please contact

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