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Parrots are colorful, powerful and intelligent birds who prove to be dynamic companions. They are certainly eye-catching and bold creatures who are loved by the bird lovers all across the globe. Well, the fact about parrots is that parrots are species and not breeds and this is the biggest misunderstanding people lives with even with the fact that they own one. This is a bit revealing information, and from now onwards you should remember that the parrot you own is of some kind of species like cockatoos, amazons, African grays, Eclectus, macaws and more. Some people consider them excellent pets, and some don’t due to the fact that they are messy and sometimes they even bite the owner. Parrots can’t be caged up the entire time, or the cage has to be big enough so that it can roam around in it freely playing. Parrots need the opportunity to explore with their feet and beaks and if not they will start behaving messy and aggressive; they will bite, scream and break a thing or two. So, in order to pet them, you have to give them enough freedom and space so that they can do stuff they do when they are in their natural habitat. If you love birds and parrots especially and want to pet one, Mandy Parrots Home can provide you with the opportunity of owning some exotic parrots.

Mandy Parrots Home is an exotic bird breeder who raises and offers exotic bird species for your home. We are in this business for several years now and have gained the much-needed experience in parrot breeding and have created a private breeder network where we and fellow breeders help each other to breed and raise some exotic parrot species. We offer Parrots for sale online and for your information parrots are species and not breeds so you can expect some of the best and rare parrot species from us. With the likes of Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Conures, Senegals, and Eclectus, we sell different species of parrots for the customers. Macaws are the most demanded bird as a pet, and we can avail you with some of the best Blue and Gold Macaws for sale online. Not only that, we offer specially designed cages and habitats for the parrots along with specially designed diet plan and medical shots to prevent any kind of bird disease.

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