Build or adjust Lally column in your house

If you are looking for ideas on how to finish the steel or lally columns, you will be surprised to see all the possibilities available. The columns are basically there to assist the main beams of your house. The best way to integrate them into your new basement is to cover them in one way or another. Choosing a way to hide the columns is easy. The most conventional design is to package and cover them with decorative material. It can be a wood also.

Let’s get to know about Lally column

Columns seen in basements are called lally column. Many simply call them steel basement columns.

Lally column are simply adjustable Steel column that can be adjusted up or down to temporarily support a weight placed on top. For example, a renovator or builder may use the Lally column to support the roof of the house when the interior walls are removed to maintain the structure safely. The column can then be removed once the walls have been rebuilt or the renovation work is done. The structure of the column is of thin steel which, as mentioned above, serves to support heavy objects such as beams for a long time. The inside of the steel column is filled with concrete, giving the pillars the strength to support and support the weight.

About Steel column                  

Steel column and other structural components form the structural skeleton of homes and businesses. These columns support the walls and ceilings and give the building its basic shape. Engineers and builders must choose from different types of Steel column based on their budget, durability and aesthetic appeal. In many applications, column design also reflects local building code requirements to create safe and stable structures

If you are planning to build your columns, Maybe it encroaches on your pool table or in the middle of your future theatre hall. There is a huge variety of columns which you can go for.

Firstly let’s discuss Adjustable columns

Adjustable Columns-The adjustable columns consist of a hollow steel tube with a steel plate attached to each end. The installer can adjust the height of the on-site column during installation to suit different applications. Some adjustable columns may have multiple tubes surrounding each other in a telescopic design.

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