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Lancaster, CA: January 22, 2020: Gym fans who want to build muscle mass in their own private time, rather than having to pay for the privilege, can take their interest up a notch or two thanks to advice from Absolute Iron.

Their website offers the best information on all the assorted equipment, such as power racks and squat stands out there, to build their home gym with the minimum of fuss and effort.

Absolute Iron has reviewed the best 20 racks and squat systems on the market today, as well as offering timely advice to enthusiasts wondering where to start on building their first gym.

Frank Douglas, of Absolute Iron, remarked: “While it used to be that you needed a gym membership to make use of all the high-end equipment, with prices dropping substantially over these past few years, you can nowadays set up your home gym for a fraction of what it used to cost.

“There is no better way to build muscle than by using free weights regularly.”

He advised that rather than barbells and weight plates, the best way to organize a home gym room is to employ a power rack of choosing and should be considered essential.

“They are inexpensive and easy to come by, not to mention how easy they are to set up almost anywhere with minimal preparation and without using any additional tools.”

Absolute Iron offers numerous tips on advancing towards a home gym, including considering that decent workout equipment should always be paired with proper workout gear and accessories. 

“For instance, you should invest in a pair of weight lifting gloves sooner rather than later if you have a power rack, or even if you’re considering the possibility,” the website advises.

As well as investing time in researching the best power racks on the market, Absolute Iron points to what to look for in the equipment. These include:

 Accessories: A decent power rack should be accommodating to most if not all, workout accessories that people commonly use with power racks. It is advised that you also consider the potential to incorporate any additional accessories of your choosing.

Flexibility: A good power rack should provide the freedom to engage in whatever exercises you enjoy the most without any real restrictions. A good rack should guarantee leg press freedom at all times as many rack-related activities involve presses, pulling, and pushing motions.

Versatility: High-end power racks can vary in design to some extent, but they commonly meet the same operational standards. Some can double as cable machines if the design allows it, a variety that experienced users may prefer.

Bar Storage: Gym fans should always look for a rack that incorporates or accommodates a bar storage feature of any kind. With a bar storage option, you can keep your workout room organized and your bars in perfect order in anticipation of each workout session. 

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