C. S. Sudheer review- 5 Tips to Help You Use Your Credit Card Properly

If you want to make the best use of your credit card then the tips we will be sharing in the following sections will definitely help you. So, let us find out what all you need to do and not to do while using a credit card in this Sudheer indian money Bangalore.


Tips on How to Properly Use a Credit Card


Tip #1: Select the Right Card


During C S Sudheer’s  Indian Money review it was noticed that the best card is one which matches your spending needs. Additionally, you need to choose one that offers maximum benefits. For instance, if you travel frequently then a credit card that offers features like lounge access, hotel vouchers or air miles will be right option for you.


Tip #2: Monitor Your Spends


As per C. S. Sudheer Indian money, you should only spend up to that limit which you will be able to repay. If you don’t then it is likely that you will fall into the dreaded debt trap.

You will be struggling with your repayments after overspending and as such, it will be important to avoid this type of thing from happening.


Tip #3: Don’t Make Minimum Payments


Paying minimum balance due is never the right thing to do since it will attract interest at a high rate and increase the debt burden you are bearing.


Tip #4: Credit Utilization Ratio


According to Sudheer indian money Bangalore, you need to make sure that the credit utilization ratio remains under 40%. This ratio refers to ratio between total credit limit used compared to your available credit limit.

If you break this level then it will have a negative impact over your credit score and reduce it. In such situation, your chances of getting a loan will also get affected.


Tip #5: Limit Number of Cards


As per Indian money CEO C S Sudheer, you should ideally have not more than 3 cards. If there are more cards then you will feel like spending more and you will be left money to invest and save.


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