Capture the Attention of Smartphone Users with Mobile SEO Service

Google, the leading search engine on the World Wide Web, changes its algorithm at regular intervals in order to offer its users best search experience. In the last 2 decades, advancement in technology has reduced the use of desktop computers and has shifted towards handheld devices such as Ipad, tablets and smartphones. As a result, both small and big businesses have understood the importance of mobile SEO services in the growth of their business. Though core ranking is common between tradition and mobile SEO services, but Google prefers the content on hand held devices.

Another vital component of mobile SEO services is app store optimization (ASO). After the user of certain keywords, this feature boosts the indexing of pages and increases the number of downloads. A recently release feature of mobile SEO service is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It not only improves online visibility, but also drives qualified audience to the website.

It has been observed that some SEO companies apply desktop SEO services in mobile search optimization. These small mistakes made by them can make all the vital difference in site’s rankings. Therefore, before embarking on Mobile SEO services ensure that SEO Company has:

  • The technical capacity
  • Complete understanding of mobile audience behavior
  • Knowledge of potential market
  • Information about current mobile search performance
  • Use of relevant keywords
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