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Photography is the best way to capture the best and some precious moments of your life and when it comes to having a child, the joy doubles. Newborn photography is the trend which is going ion these days where the newborn’s ages 12-14 days are brought for a photography session. Newborn photography is something which is enjoyed by the most of the parents these days as they get to capture the precious moments of their child when they are only a few weeks old. But the thing is, newborn photography is not an easy job, and it requires sheer professionalism because you are dealing with fragile life bodies. Photographing newborns is a challenging task, and it requires a customized set to do so. On the other hand, babies will cry when they are hungry, they will sleep more often and will definitely poop, so, it only increases the job of the photographers to capture the perfect shot and patience is the key factor here. You cannot ask a baby to pose for a shot; you have to wait for little longer to capture the perfect shot. If you have become parents for the first time and want to celebrate it by capturing your baby’s adorable moments, Captured Moments can help you to provide you with the perfect photography experience.

We are the Darwin family photographers who are in the photography industry for many years now and can assist you for a perfect family picture. Newborn photography is not an easy task, and it requires the set to be perfectly suited to the newborn. The set and studio we prepare are compatible for the newborns as the temperature we set for the studio is about 40 degree Celsius, the exact temperature when the baby is inside the mother’s womb. On the other hand, Darwin newborn photography takes at least five to six hours to conduct a single photography session as we cannot tell a fourteen days old baby to pose for a picture. We have to go according to the mood of the baby if the baby is making a fuss; we leave the baby with the mother so she can feed him/her. Moreover, we provide our clients with differently designed sets for the photoshoot, and they can decide whichever design they feel comfortable with and we prepare that set in our studio.

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