Carlos Gonzalez, Your Leading Criminal Lawyer

When you commit a crime, whether knowingly or unknowingly, or are charged for something you didn’t commit, there are some things you cannot manage without. An abogado criminalista, Spanish for ‘Criminal Lawyer’, is an important asset you would want on your side throughout the trial. Even though this calls for a heavy pocket, the end will justify the means since you will be at an advantageous point of having the charges reduced or dropped all the same.

Since no one foresees criminal charges against them, it’s always natural to be prepared. You never know what would come hitting you if you found yourself in a crime scene unknowingly. How about if you found yourself charged with DUI? What would happen if your ex-spouse sued you for sex crimes or filed restraining order against you or your neighbor filed trespass crime charges against your family?

All these are circumstances that will force you to look for a criminal lawyer to get you through the hurdle ahead. With that in mind, you will have the peace of mind you so much need with top lawyers leading the case on your side. Carlos Gonzalez, a lawyer, former prosecutor, and an expert in different criminal law aspects will be a perfect match for you if you ever find yourself on the hot spot of the law.

Carlos Gonzalez is not your any other lawyer. He has decades of skills and hands-on field experience to see your case dropped or the charges reduced. Even though these results highly depend on the technicality of the case, the evidence produced, among other factors, you will be in safe hands with him by your side. With the Carlos P Gonzalez Law team, any case is like any other, and they will make sure to get your justice.

So, have you recently been charged with drinking under influence fraud charges, or burglary and theft?Have you been charged for child abuse, criminal mischief, domestic violence, or drug crimes? You can talk with the Carlos P Gonzalez Law firm and get yourself acquitted or handed a lesser sentence.

The team can also handle your drug crime, expungement, or fraud charges. You can also engage Carlos and his team in case of guns and weapons charges, juvenile crimes, probation violation, and sex crimes. In addition, they can help you with theft crimes, trespass charges, warrants, white collar, and violent crimes.

Talk to the team today for free consultation. Visit the website  for more information or call +1 (786) 358-6888.


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