Cell phone Repair specialist services in Fort Wayne

Wayne PC Tech can be detected in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was registered as a sole proprietorship in August, 2011. Initially, it used to serve an on-site basis cell phone and computer repair services. With a significant market frame of reference, increased market demand and valuable feedback from the marketing analysis, Cesar (Wayne PC Techs’ owner) has been able to unlock a store to shelter the customer demands.

The company is well- managed by educated and knowledgeable professionals in the field of technology. It supports networking, computer training and repair in addition to 4 years on Mobile support categorizing cell phone repairs, unlocking the cell phone, creating mobile friendly applications and websites. Cesar, the proud owner of the Wayne PC Tech possess a reputed Business Degree, a certification in Computer networks, a Bachelor Degree and a Master’s Degree from Purdue University in Computer Information System.

Talking of the quality, efficiency and quick cell phone repairing assistance in Indiana and the neighboring places, Wayne PC Tech as a cell phone city repair Fort Wayne is a well-acknowledged name. The company enjoys a self-built monopoly in the Fort Wayne for cell phone repair services in Fort Wayne.

The efficient quality of the services provided by the qualified professionals in the field of Science, Technology, and Computer Engineering from accomplished universities of Purdue, Indiana and Indiana Tech, etc, attract customers from Fort Wayne and circumambient areas, the Midwest, including National and International (particularly Mexico and Canada) through far-flung cooperation and the loaded shipments to our headquarters based in Fort Wayne.

Wayne PC Tech is positioned in the market with the aim to provide repair services for your personal computer, cell phone or iphone repair Fort Wayne keeping in the creation of websites, web designing services, and video surveillance for keeping an eye on your house or any business location from any part of the world at your tips i.e. with the help of your smart phone. No outsourcing of the business is done; the repairs are done in-house at the local store, instantly with no extra charge.

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