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A home inspection is a phenomenon of investigating the condition of the house. This procedure is generally associated with the sale and purchase of the house. Home Inspection Services Montreal is a certified home inspection company that provides with all the solution for home inspection related requirements. Your house inspection will be carried out by our home inspector qualified with various certificates. We are in this industry for more than three decades now and have performed hundreds of successful home inspections in Montreal. We follow a three-step approach for home inspection which includes accessing the structures, components, and systems of the house, as it basically covers the entire house. The work of a home inspector is to prepare and deliver a written report which describes all the findings related to the condition of the house. The report we provide with will help the client to decide whether or not to purchase the property. We can tell you about the current conditions of the house but never guarantees how it will behave in the future.

Services offered by Building Inspection Services Montreal include;

Pre-Purchase and Listing Inspection:

Whether it is a bungalow or a ranch style home or even a detached, attached 2.5 storey homes, Montreal Home Inspection takes place in every kind of houses and buildings. We cover every ground, from the exterior to the interior; examine the foundation to make sure that it is laid appropriately, and if not, we mark it in our reports. Moreover, we check every portion of the building from the doors to the attic, the ventilation, ceiling and flooring, plumbing and more.

Pre-Listing Inspection for Sellers:

Moreover, if you want to sell your property to a client, we are happy to conduct the inspection and report the conditions within 24-hours of the inspection. The same procedures are followed for inspection, and we make sure that every corner and component of the house from windows, doors, roof, venting, plumbing, walls, etc.

Standard Condo Inspection for Suites:

Suites provide with the luxurious environment for a person to live in. We in our suite inspection checks for every detail of the facility and will also click pictures to add to the reports. We provide fast and reliable inspection services to our customers and report back all the results we collected within 24-hours of the inspection.

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