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Dedicated Server Hosting

The spike in the volume of start-up businesses every year depicts that starting and running a new business has become quite hassle-free. The simplicity of the process owes quite much to the digital platforms readily available as a marketplace. All a business idea needs are a website, to market itself to the world. Instead of a brick and mortar office, some offices are running and succeeding entirely online. It’s quite a personal choice to choose a managed or a Cheap Dedicated Server. However, if you have plans to stretch your business and need more privacy, a storage dedicated server is your cup of tea.

This article lists the skilful instructions on how to choose the best storage dedicated server. But before that, let’s have a look at Onlive Server, which is a market leader in providing storage dedicated servers.

Adept Tips To Determine The Best Cheap Dedicated Server

A Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is an entirely separate server in the data centre. No other website is hosted on that server. You have full control over its resources and the freedom to manage it. However, it’s essential to understand the criteria based on which you should perform your research for storage dedicated server.

Below are the expert tips for the best storage dedicated server. Let’s find out:

Linux based have established themselves as the most secure and flexible servers as compared to other OSs’. Not only you can manage your server better on a Linux, but the speed is also much better. Make sure that you check with the hosting provider regarding the operating server they offer.

After OS and the backups, the next criteria should be to watch out for the processor. The working power of your server depends on these criteria. Choose it wisely. The standard is a Xeon processor, but you can choose any other as per your needs.

You can never be satisfied with the amount of RAM provided to you, whether it’s your personal computer or a server. You can start with the 16 GB. This should suffice for most of the websites.

It does not matter how great your business is, if a browser shows a red flag next to your website. Even Google is discouraging the non-SSL websites to get an entry in its search data. Make sure that your storage dedicated server provider includes the SSL for your domain.

It varies from business to business and niche to niche. But 50 GB should be taken as a starter.

Security is the main criteria a user opts for the dedicated server. Make sure that the data centre is competent enough to deal with the hackers and trespassers both offline and online. Also, the power management and data centre’s capability to deal with disasters like fire or earthquakes should be taken into account.

A prompt response from the technical support team can save you from a disaster. Thus, make sure that the technical support team is well trained and available 24/7.

All will go vain if your site is not accessible to your users because of its downtime. Thus, make sure that you choose a storage dedicated server provider that has more than 99% uptime.

Yes, dedicated servers are costlier than the shared ones. And the benefit lies in the freedom of resources. But, make sure that you don’t end up overspending.


Here, we guide you, how Onlive Server implements you with the most skillful techniques to choose the best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting efficiently So, if you are looking for Linux web hosting, Onlive Server accomplishes all your indigence’s.

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