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Cheap Dedicated Server

The Onlive Server provides international standard web hosting services around the globe, in more than 35 countries. Both the Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting is available with an expert 24/7 customer support. Moreover, your pocket will never feel the price you pay. So, if you are still searching for a Linux web hosting or Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting. You can see all the services offered by them on the Onlive server’s website.

As the accessibility of digital platforms to the users has increased, the gaming business is no more restricted to a couple of companies. Also, these days, the games are not built to pass the time for their users; they are built to engage its users all day long. The gaming business has become a multi-billion industry. Just like textual and visual inclined users’ hangout on social platforms, the gamers find thrill in the games. This article explores 10 expert tips to choose the best Gaming Dedicated Server that can out stand you in the industry. But before that, let’s have a look at Onlive Server, which is the market leader for providing the Linux web hosting for storage dedicated server.

An online multiplayer game requires an ultra-fast response from the server. This goes true for the other modern games as well. Thus, most of today’s gaming businesses choose a dedicated server. Linux web hosting is usually preferred. Let’s move ahead and explore the 10 Gaming Dedicated Server Strategies that will stand you out from your business rivals.

1) Data Centre Security

One of the reasons successful gaming businesses choose a dedicated server is the ability to provide security and privacy for their data. It would help if you enquired about how the Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting provider tackles the Dos and other attacks initiated by the hackers. Also, how vulnerable the data centre is for offline unauthorized access. The backup plans in case the power goes off. Whether the data centre’s infrastructure can handle disasters like fire, flood earthquakes

2) Operating System

This depends on your preferred applications to be used in the gaming, but most prefer Linux web hosting providers. Also, the Linux kernel’s performance in the context of security and flexibility is outstanding as compared to other kernels. The servers running on the Linux distros are faster than the one running on different OS. The gaming industry is all about speed and performance. Don’t look beyond a Linux based gaming dedicated server.

3) Processor

Another variable that is crucial for a dedicated server is a processor. A Linux OS, when combined with an optimal processor, can provide your game with another level of experience. Usually, the Xeon processor works well for many.

4) Bandwidth

This variable can vary from game to game as it depends on the number of users. Initially, you can opt for a bandwidth that fits in your calculations. You can increase it later. But, discuss it with the dedicated server provider beforehand.


Just like our computer’s internal HDD and external HDDs fail without any prior notice, the same happens with the hard disks on the server as well. They fail, get corrupt, and of course, prone to human errors. A RAID implemented disk has more than one instance of data available at another disk. The operating system senses these disks as one logical disk. In case a disk fails, your data is retrieved from another disk instantly.

6) RAM

Choosing a RAM for a cheap dedicated server hosting is completely a personal choice. You can start with 16 GB RAM and increase it later if needed.

7) Technical support

An always available experienced technical support can be a saviour for you. Make sure you verify this one.

8) SSL

No SSL means a bad reputation among users. Make sure that your dedicated server provider makes it available for your domain.

9) Uptime

The uptime should never be less than 99%. 99% is also not considered as the best ones. Go for a much better uptime provider.

10) Price tag

Last but not least, take care of your budget. Don’t choose an expensive dedicated server provider.

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