Choosing the Right Kind of Flagpole

580356_932365883483765_1754843337980737428_nTheir current manufacturing capacity allows them to produce large orders of a hundred and more flagpoles, or specially customize the needs of an organization or individual. We are focused on making every flagpole purchase personal and establishing solid relationships with our clients and properly relating to what the flag and flagpole means to them.

Summary: when choosing a flag, first thing to determine is the type of flagpole that suits your needs the most. This is when you consider the material of the flagpole, height, preferred style, flag size, and the flagpole location.

Flagpole Material:

Wood used to be a popular choice, but today aluminum or fiberglass is the standard choice. Modern aluminum flagpoles are of large sizes, and are produced in varieties of colors and finishes, and they are extremely durable while the fiberglass flagpoles are also offered indifferent colors and finishes, and are produced with strong materials that are designed to flex slightly in the wind.

Flagpole Height:

If the desired site for the flagpole is close to a building, one should factor in the height of the building when determining flagpole size. If it’s a single story building, you’ll need a residential or commercial flagpole of 15-25’ high. A flagpole of 25-30’ is required for a two-story structure and 30-40’ pole for a three-story structure.

If you are planning to fly your flag after sunset, you would have to add a flagpole lighting as it is a requirement by United States law for displaying the American flag at night.

Preferred style:

The most important of all factors to consider is one’s personal preference because it’s your flagpole and no one else’s. External halyard poles are cheaper than internal poles, however the latter adds an extra layer of security as the cable is located inside the pole, external halyard poles, on the other hand, have their ropes exposed on the outside of the pole. So, it all comes down to what style you prefer.


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