Classic Heritage Offer the Wide Range of Quality Balustrade

At the Classic Heritage, we give you great prices on architectural balusters, newels, railings and balustrade systems. That doesn’t mean we skimp on quality, we just save money on things like company cars, expensive offices and this web site. If you’re a professional, you know what you require, so we don’t waste time with a wordy sales pitch, we just give you a product description, the vital dimensions and a price quote of polymer balustrade rails system.

We carry more than columns at the Classic Heritage, we can give you great prices on stone-polymer balustrades. Other color and texture options are available as explained below. We can provide curved rails to your specifications up to a 6-foot radius. Contact us for costing on rails with less than a 6-foot radius. We can provide all the fiberglass balustrade system necessary to install the balusters with ease. For rails, two kits are required for each section of rail installed.

We’ll be adding more styles and product lines over time. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you may want to consider the fiberglass cast balustrade system or our wood balustrade. Our primary focus is large dimension balusters for exterior use, although all our baluster products can be used indoors. If you’re looking for inexpensive small dimension interior balusters we may not be the best place for you. If you are looking for top quality wood balusters of all dimensions see the broad selection at our website.

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