Coastal Plantscapes – The best plant installation provider

With over 20 years of experience in offering extraordinary plantscape designs. They work on the basis of the different needs of the clients, and the team of their dedicated and skilled staff will make sure that the company is catering to the special needs of each client. Their team is committed to provide quality work and ensure consistent customer satisfaction. Whether setting up a new plantscape or need maintenance of the current plants, they take full responsibility for the proper maintenance and care of the plants. They offer installation service for lobbies, atriums, building, retail location, restaurants, retail locations, commercial offices, hotels, model homes, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Coastal Plantscapes has comprehensive working experience with architects, administrators, interior designers, and buyers. They are also insured against all personal injury and damage along with coverage that goes beyond the needs of major commercial contractors.

Their high-quality selection attracts many reputable manufacturers across the country, and they are skilled in custom-made containers that are designed to suit the specific interior.

Their services are not limited to just installing the top-quality plants and container; Coastal Plantscapes provides exceptional service through their maintenance including:

  • Their trained and fully equipped professional pays a weekly visit to your premises to monitor the installation.
  • Ensure watering and fertilization of the plants to ensure their overall health.
  • They provide cosmetic care for the installed plants and container that includes dusting, cleaning, trimming, and pruning as required.
  • Frequent inspection of plant and pest disease along with necessary treatment
  • Inspecting the environmental conditions that impact the health of the installed plants such as temperature, light, and traffic patterns.

Interior Plant Care Service Orange County:

Coastal Plantscapes has many residential clients across Orange County. They understand the trust and security issues that come with contracting for planstscape design and maintenance and ensure that they provide the reliable service to their clients. Thus, maintain a long-term relationship with their clients. Coastal Plantscapes have the reputation of providing unique and exceptional service.

Office Plant Care Service Orange County:

The skillful team at Coastal Plantscapes can create an interior environment that accentuates your professional space. With proper selection of design and material, they highlight the best feature of your office, attract people, and fill up the empty space, offer privacy and gives sound absorption. They do all this at the same time make sure the beauty of the space. Before they get to the installation process, the team pays a visit and checks your office space to provide the best installation.

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