Custom color elastics: a rubber material used for making stretchable objects

An elastic material comes to its original position after stretched or compressed. It is used as a basic material for many of the rubber industries. Products made of elastics are ductile, wearable, durable, abrasion resistant. Elastic includes natural rubber, silicone rubber, synthetic rubber. Some of the elastic materials are woven elastic, lingerie elastic, knit elastic, braided elastic.

Swimsuit elastics are essential in designing of swimwear. It is a lightweight elastic made of cotton or rubber which is chlorine resistant. Textile industries utilize these elastics in their fabrication. Elastics are also used in waistbands, leg elastics, braces. This elastic gives comfort, correct fitness to the body. Elastics are plain white or colored. Braided elastics is a common type of elastic which can be used in the necks and sleeve parts. This makes the horizontal ribs and gives soft stretch to the swimsuit. Lingerie elastics are custom color elastics with different textures and decorative edges. They are more flexible to use and manufacture own designs. This elastic gives the perfect finishing to the products.

Elastics made of synthetic latex free rubber is known as latex-free synthetic elastic. They are thinner than standard elastics which avoids bulge and seams. Ordinary elastics can be replaced by latex free elastics when we have an allergic reaction to latex as this elastic removes all natural rubber proteins and fatty acids. These latex-free elastics are mainly used in medical requirements such as knee support, back support, leg straps. This elastic is less abrasive and have color options. A unique and different type of latex-free compounds is used in making diapers, and feminine hygiene pads. These elastics are flexible, low modulus and have good strength. Elastic gaskets are flexible which is mainly used for sealing purposes to avoid leakages. These elastics do not melt as they have flame resistance.

 Natural rubber may cause some allergic issues to the human skin for long-term use. So now a day, the latest latex-free synthetic elastic is used instead of using that natural rubber in many of the rubber industries. The term latex-free denotes the elastic not made by using the natural rubber. Most of the bands are made by using the latex-free elastics only because of the natural rubber cause allergy to the skin. So the latex-free elastics are highly recommended for the manufacture of bands which is used in the medical and surgical environment. It also has the durable like the natural rubber and also maintains its stretch retention.

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