Difference between stone grinding and steel rollers for flour

Flour is being used for food from ages unknown. When there was no electricity, people used to crush the grains using stones and make bread out of it. But, with time and advancement of technology, machines were developed that ran on electricity and made the process of grinding grains to obtain flour became easier. Today, it hardly takes a few minutes to grinds huge amounts of grains and get finest quality of flour. It is time saving as well as requires less labour.

As there’s an old saying, “All that glitters is not gold”, the same applies here as well. The industrial process of grinding grains using steel rolling and grinding machines requires minimum manual effort and saves time as well. But, what we get out of it is not very healthy. In this process the nutrients are lost as the germ oil is removed from the whole grains. The whole grain wheat flour obtained from traditional stone grinding machines is better from health perspectives. It retains the nutrients and keeps the parts of a whole grain intact. This is why nutritionists recommend the consumption of stone ground flour.

Stone milling or stone grinding methods are nothing new in the current era. These methods have been into practice from thousands of years. The Stone whole wheat flour or flours obtained from stone grinding methods are considered to be nutritionally more beneficial as they contain the bran and the germ oil. These parts are not only responsible to deliver flavour but also nutrition to the breads. The roller ground flour also gives loftier breads but there’s a notable downslide in the health benefits.

The bran in stone-ground flour prevents the formation of a gluten matrix in the flour baked items. The whole wheat flour bread is loaded with positivity compared to milled flour. It is advisable to eat the healthy Whole wheat flour to add fibre to their diets. The whole grain foods are noticeably nutritious. You must check out the whole wheat flour bread nutrition facts before you hit upon one as your preferred option.

Another difference between the traditional stone grinding and steel roller milling is that the presence of germ and bran oil in the whole grain. The flours obtains from stone ground methods spoil more quickly because of the retained fats of the germ and bran. But, in industrial milling processes it is refined and the oil is removed. This makes the industrial flour to last good for a longer time. This is why it is advised to use the healthiest whole grain flour within three to six months of grinding.

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