Different kinds of customized elastic for your fashion attire

There are many custom rubber manufacturers in the market; however, what sets a good apart is the variety they offer customers. In this article, you will get to know the various kinds of laces and elastics that are used for the different products that come under the hosiery category.

Printed elastics- Be it designs, logos, motives or even prints, the best thing about elastics, which are printed, is that it comes for various age groups and purposes. Apart from attires, you can also use such materials for your houses and offices.

Elastics for sportswear- There are various range and styles of elastic that is specially designed for sportswear. Today the whole concept of sportswear has evolved and even this segment has their own fashion and style line. No doubt, they still stick the norms and standards set, however, the little difference that it has made in the industry has helped to mark a completely new collection.


We all know that lace is something that is used for various reasons. Today it is not just restricted to just an attractive piece that is kept on a T-Shirt or Top, however, it is also used for other purposes like leggings and stockings. They come in various colors and styles to suit the needs and requirements of the various demands in the market.

Elastics for inner wear

From Bras to panties to even briefs and boxers, elastic is used in multiple attire for men, women, and children of all ages. The beautiful part of such elastic is that they are soft, nice to feel and can be worn during any season.

Knitted elastics

There are different kinds of knitted elastic that is specially designed and manufactured keeping in mind the various needs. For fashion and lingerie, you have narrow edged knitted elastic. If you want to keep them for hosiery, then you have a variety of designs to choose from. For medical and sportswear there is another choice that is available which comes with some special qualities.

Woven elastics

There are different kinds of elastic tape that is used for such purposes; these tapes can be used for medical products, technical applications, fashion, waistbands, lingerie, and bras. They come in different quality, are durable, and customized based o the needs.

The best part about companies that manufacturer such materials customize their products based on the specific modulus, stretch and widths that is specified by the customer. You can also get them based on the color combination and type of edge that you need. Since you can print your company logo or design, these are also perfect for official use.

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