Different types of surgeries provided by South Texas Eye Institute

Are you tired of wearing glasses and contacts?We would be happy to address your eye concerns and help you reach your vision goals. We provide different types of refractive laser eye surgeries. Laser surgery helps the patients see the world in a more precise way by giving them HD-TV like vision. We offer customized vision correction using Wavescan technology that creates a 3-D map of the patient’s eye. Lasik surgery gently reshapes the inner cornea which corrects the refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The Lasik treatment changes the shape of the cornea and helps you in seeing precisely at the correct point. There are many patients who get the laser surgery done for vision correction which helps in enhancing their eyesight. You can see thousands of patient reviews online on our site or under Google Maps in regards to their Lasik and cataract surgery outcomes as well as on the other services we offer.

We also provide laser cataract surgery which involves the removal of the clouded lens and the substitution of clear synthetic one. The surgery involves in breaking of the lens and inserting the synthetic lens. We use the latest technology such as Symfony IOL lens for doing the laser cataract surgery to improve accuracy and safety during the procedure. The cataract surgery has saved a lot of patients whose vision was fading and many who were nearly blind. The cataract surgery provides a lot of benefits to the people who want to improve their eyesight.  South Texas Eye Institute has the leading cataract surgery doctors in San Antonio such as Dr. Marten who recently won Healthcare Hero of the Year Award from the San Antonio Business Journal.

The laser surgery can improve the quality of your life by helping you in see things without any glasses. We know how important vision is to you and recommend you take care of your eyes by getting regular eye exams. You can contact one of the leading eye institutes in San Antonio, South Texas Eye Institute. We have a team of great doctors who can address your eye concerns and surgery or treatment plan options. We even provide specialized diabetic eye exams to help the patients with diabetic eye problems. Please contact South Texas Eye Institutefor further detail and to learn more about our high-quality medical care practices and laser surgery.

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