Different Ways of Doing Flight Reservations

There was a time when the people used to visit the airline offices for booking tickets. The airlines had their contact centers and agencies in cities across the country in order to reach out to the maximum number of people. People do visit the airline offices today as well but that is not the only way to book flights nowadays. Today, the flights can be booked in a number of other ways as well, thanks to the internet revolution which has changed our way of life in a significant manner. This articles discusses these methods of flight ticket booking.

Online flight booking is the most preferred medium of making ticket reservations nowadays. This term includes the flights booked using the websites as well as mobile applications. Both of these require internet connectivity which is not a problem in modern world. Websites and mobile applications can be accessed on the mobiles. The companies make websites and apps in such a manner that the user is able to use these conveniently. In fact, a number of other services, such as check-in, special service requests, and making payments, can also be done online in a totally secure environment.

It shall be noted that while websites need to be opened in the web browsers, the mobile applications of the airline or the agency have to be downloaded in the smartphones. Passengers can also avail exclusive offers and discounts on airfares by using mobile applications for ticket booking. This is one of the most popular ways of getting more mobile app downloads done by passengers.

Another popular method of booking air tickets is to make a phone call. It takes a bit of talking to the customer service executive of the airline and some time to get the process completed. Using the secured IVR telephony process and special equipment, the flyer can make payments for the tickets while on call. This methods is used when the passenger has to discuss the itinerary with the flight agent and is looking for best flight options.

Out of these two methods of making payments for online ticket purchases, the customers use online methods more than the IVR methods as the former are believed to be more secure than the latter. However, there are limitations of online methods as well.

Limitations of Online Air Ticket Reservations

Online booking also has certain limitations. For one, it would not allow reservations to be done for a specific number of passengers on one PNR, say 6 or 8 passengers. If a group of more than these number of passengers has to travel, then you need to book on call or by visiting the contact center.

Another limitation is that you might not get the best of flight choices or deals, which could be availed by speaking to the flight agent on phone. The reason for this is that website shows only some of the flight combinations. Some other choices are not published. It also depends on which global distribution system the company has installed or tied-up with.

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