Digital detox tips for those in 24×7 love with electronic devices

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Are you in love with technology? Okay, but also harmful if it is an addiction now.

Digital detox is always a talk of the town in this era. We humans are so proud of our inventions in the field of technology. The use of digital/electronic devices is unavoidable for us as the creature of communication technology admirers.

Not to mention, on the national and international level a concern on the overuse of digital devices. The prime aim is to drag the focus on health. Anxiety, loss of concentration, short-temperedness etc. are some of the most common. Suggestions to avoid the excessive use of electronic devices are always floating in the air. Perhaps the radiations around us are so intense that we fail to notice them. All thanks to our habits of remaining sucked in the virtual world.

Here are some tips to direct you towards the right type of efforts

To make something happen literally, you need to work in specific ways. Here are some tips suggesting those ways–

Do not take it as a trend; it is about your well-being

Nowadays, we get easily dragged by the latest buzz. From women empowerment to technology use, any subject or term that becomes big gains the attention in discussions. We talk about them and enjoy the jargons but do not implement in our lives to bring the actual change.

Do not keep the ‘digital detox’ as a topic of discussion amongst friends or lecture in a classroom or speech in a public gathering. It is for your good. Not only discuss it but also implement it.

Tailor the habits with the less handy things

Usually, handy devices are more in use, and it is not easy to bring a sudden change in the practices. Mobile is an electronic device and your laptop too. Your mobile is the first thing to come out of your pocket for any work.

Start working on putting limits on the use of laptop. If you take it out from your office bag just after coming home from the office, then give a break to this practice. Wait until dinner, by that time, spend the moments with family or in just relaxing in your way: no office work, no wrestle of mind with excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Gradually, extend the habit to lighter devices like tab, mobile, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Change always comes at its natural pace. Artificial increase and decrease in speed only cause more harm and loss of discipline.

Stop mindless use and restrict yourself to A REAL PURPOSE

The concept of digital detox also demands attention to your habits of using digital devices. Many of us spend a significant part of the day in just scrolling up and down the varied websites. The e-commerce websites, popular tourist points (with no original plans to go), viral videos etc. etc. etc. This happens on the television also, changing channels with no decided choice. There is no actual purpose of use.

Please stop using things mindlessly. Before you make any use, stay for a while and think what your precise reason is. It is okay if you want to borrow funds in a financial crisis and working on your computer to apply for the text loans from the direct lenders. But in case, you are doing it to play that scroll up and down thing on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest, etc., avoid it IMMEDIATELY..

Get social and talk to people face-to-face

A big reason for dependency on digital platforms is the habit of talking less to people through personal interactions. When you are in a conversation with anyone, it naturally makes you feel less depended on technology.

This is also an excellent way to regain the lost connection with your family members and friends. That makes life better in every sense. It is better that you extend your network with real humans in society. In place of ‘use people, love technology’ change the approach to ‘love people, use technology’.


The digital detox is always in demand, but the absence of the right plan may keep you from attaining the actual solution. The tips above can make you get on the right path.

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