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Everyone wants to be a competent and responsible driver. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case, and too much time and effort are spent trying to find the right academy. Consequently, money gets lost too when one does not enrol into a good one. However, if you are stuck there, also, you can get help by visiting or calling D-Tech Driver Training, the best car driving school Blacktown.

About D-Tech Driver Training

As the name says, D-Tech Driver Training is the leading and most dependable driving school Schofields. Learners and parents who want their children to learn how to drive trust us, and testimonials keep flowing praising our prowess and dedication. Additionally, corporates trust us to train their workers, thanks to the dedication and commitment that we instruct our learners with.

Our Services

In a driving academy, there is more that happens other than just instructing learners. Therefore, you can be assured of getting comprehensive attention and help from us. Among our key services, we have:

  • Driving Test Preparation: – before you go for a test, we prepare you well to ensure that you are ready for it and that you will pass. The preparation includes how it goeson the testing grounds, understanding the RMS course sheet and marking criteria, Angle Parking, Reverse Parallel Parking (manoeuvre), Kerb Side Stop, and Three Points Turn among others.
  • Pre-driving Test Assessment: – before you attend a driving test, we also conduct simulative tests with you on an actual RMS test route.
  • Overseas License Conversions:- if you were driving abroad and would want to update your driving skills, we can also help.
  • Regular Driving Lessons: – this is the regular day work with driving course Blacktown where we teach you vehicle control, moving and braking, steering, changing gears, and many more.
  • Refresher Courses: – if you were trained before and want to have a refresher driving instruction, you can also talk to us.

For these and many more, talk to us today. Call D-Tech Driver Training through 0468-525-626 or visit for more details.

Dtech Driver Training

19 Bromus Street

2765, Marsden Park

Sydney, NSW

+61 468 525 626

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