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Have you ever found yourself with a sermon to appear before a court of law? Have you ever been served with an arrest or search warrant, or required to get to your local police station for some questioning?

If your answers are yes, you probably know the importance of having a criminal attorney with you. Whether it’s a criminal or accident lawyer White GA, getting the learned friends immediately you get into trouble may be a worthwhile decision.

When it comes to professional representation of clients in a court of law, we are the top team to contact. We are the premier and most sought after legal team whenever you need a personal injury, divorce, and custody, or criminal defense attorney. Also, we can get you the most prolific representation if you need a drug possession defense attorney Barrow GA.

What is better than knowing that your legal team has the most decorated reputation in their jurisdiction? It is mind-blowing to know that a law firm like us at The Brownell Law Office has over 30 years of hands-on industrial experience. With the skills and experience garnered over those years, it is never a hard task for us to help our clients to get their charges dropped or reduced.

Areas of Practice                                    

The areas that we specialize in include:

  • Personal injury: – where we cover slip and fall, negligently maintained premises (that may lead to accidents), and wrongful death cases. We also cover bodily injuries caused by negligence and intentional acts, as well as trucking, automobile, and motor vehicle accident injury cases.
  • Criminal Defense: – here, we cover all felonies such as murder cases that may lead to death penalties, juvenile, and probation violation charges. Also, you can call us for all serious misdemeanors and appeals and habeas corpus.
  • Family Law: – covering divorce, modifications, child custody, legitimation and paternity, and contempt and enforcement cases.

For DUI, domestic violence, divorce, or sex crimes defense attorney Gainesville GA, talk to us today. Visit our site too at for more details.

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