Does age matter for getting leisure eye surgery in San Antonio?

According to the medical experts, age does play an important role to avail lasik eye surgery.


This is a question that is asked by many people, especially those who are seeking leisure eye surgery in San Antonio treatment from the top medical institutions in the country. The fact is Lasik has the power to eliminate the person’s dependency upon contact lenses and eye glasses. At the same time, it can rectify different types of refractive errors such as astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. But one has to understand that the best lasik procedure in San Antonio cannot be derived by everyone. Certain conditions are present that could preclude lasik in a specific patient. One such fact that is to be taken into account is age, to determine if the patient is an eligible candidate for the procedure or not.

People tend to experience continuous change in their vision throughout their adolescence and at times, until mid to late twenties. This means, refraction tends to stabilize during the age of 18 or so. The benchmark for myopic people is around their mid to late twenties. Trying to avail leisure eye surgery in San Antonio before this age will not be useful for improving visual acuity. The patient will only require another surgery as prescription stabilizes.

It is necessary to know that any preoperative conducted before this age will only result in inaccurate measurements. As a result, there will be inappropriate correction using lasik surgery, thus a sheer waste. Hence, patients suffering from high degree of astigmatism or myopia are to defer this surgery to a certain period when compared to the others. Generally this age will be beyond 21. Stable prescription is an absolute must for minimum of two years to undergo this form  of eye surgery. If custom Lasik is desired, then minimum age for the same is similar to that of conventional lasik surgery.

No upper age limitation is present for lasik surgery. Lasik can be opted by even a person who is 50 to 60 years old. Refractive errors present in myopic patients can be taken care of at any point of time by lasik surgery. But this is limited to those having healthy eyes. Clear distant vision will be imparted by lasik surgery to any person of any age. But age related vision deterioration is bound to occur. For example, presbyopia (short arm syndrome) is suffered by almost every person beyond age 40. It entails loss of lens’ accommodation power. Therefore, people need reading glasses once they reach 40 and above. The best lasik procedure in San Antonio will be offered by the top physicians in the country.

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