Dr. Om Prakasham Reviews What Happens During Open Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is considered a complex surgery and Dr. Om Prakasham, considered the best cardiac surgeon in Coimbatore explains what happens during a traditional open heart surgery.

What happens during a heart surgery?

Before the surgery heart surgeon in Coimbatore will give you required medication so that you can fall asleep.At the same time, best cardiac consultants in Coimbatore will be checking your blood pressure, heart beat, breathing, and oxygen level to make sure everything is under control.

Specialists at Heart Center Coimbatore will be placing a breathing tube inside your lungs by passing the same through the throat. This tube will then be connected to breathing support machine known as ventilator.

After that, best heart surgeon in Coimbatore will be making six to eight inch incisions in chest wall right at the center. At the time of surgery, surgeons will be giving medication to ensure the blood does not clot. In addition, patient will be connected to a machine known as heart lung bypass (HLB) machine and it will do the task of performing pumping action of the heart and take the blood away from patient’s heart.

Best heart doctor in Coimbatore will be continuously examining this machine to be sure everything is working properly. The benefit of this machine is that it will let surgeons perform open heart surgery on patient’s heart while it is not beating and there is no blood flowing through the heart, making things easier for the heart surgeon.

After the surgery finishes, blood flow will be restored to heart and it will resume beating again by its own or in some cases it will be necessary to give an electric shock to make the heart start beating again.


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