Everything You Need to Know About Monster Flagpoles

Every monster flagpole are engineered from metal flagpoles which are the only flagpoles 100’ and above length. The flagpoles are equipped and manufactured to meet all ice loading and local wind code requirements over the US.

These US flagpoles provide engineering and budgetary cost details for any custom flagpoles based on the customer information. As well as it provides the flagpole foundation at an additional cost.

Construction of Monster Flagpole

The monster flagpoles are manufactured from A-36 carbon steel. It offers a 36,000 PSI Yield Point. Each flagpole comes with a standard 100X14 corrugated steel foundation sleeve along with a steel base plate and lightning spike arrestor. Availing seamless steel concentric reducers, it offers flagpoles like a uniform taper.


The hardware of the flagpoles is an internal stainless steel winch that involves Heavy duty revolving truck ball assemble with 1.25” stainless steel spindle, locking stainless steel internal winch w/ removable handle, 1/8” stainless steel aircraft cable, beaded retainer rings, 2” stainless steel snap Hooks, counterweight, 3/8” Q-links, and Flag Arrangement.


The monster flagpoles are considered as the first sand-blasted to manufacture the whole surface of the flagpole for obtaining primes. The flagpoles will be coated with a high performance, two component chemically cured epoxy semi-gloss primes which helps to the preparation for painting. It completed the finishing touch with aliphatic urethane gloss enamel. This is specially designed for maximum gloss or color retention.

The 100-200’ flagpoles are often referred to as a colossal flagpole which is one of the types if monster flagpoles. It is made as big to make a bigger impact.  It is like a standard monster flagpole that is made to fly the largest of flags elegantly as well as manufactured to match wind and ice standards. Each and every monster flagpoles contains installation hardware, you can be installed into your area and can be used for commercial purpose.

Generally, the steel poles are used for monster flagpoles which are very strong but not heavy. It needs a better deal of skill and experienced or well-versed labor to install.

If any problem happens in monster flagpoles, you can look for best expertise to resolve it. Otherwise, you can buy another monster flagpoles like 100-200’ flagpoles. So, you can buy the top-quality custom-mage flagpoles that meet your needs and requirements.

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