Facial Basic Steps

Facials are done for different purpose and requirements. Some facials are done for removing blackheads, pores treatment, anti-aging regimen, get relaxed, acne treatment etc. These are the reasons for which facial is done to make your skin glow and works as a cleaning machine for a skin.

Now the question arises is that why facial and steam is done with creams on a regular basis? Facial is just a process of few steps of skin treatment which also have a category of pore facial with the best ways of skin care treatment. Facial cleanses and nourishes the skin and enrich it with hydration which changes your looks of skin.

Take a facial process with an experienced and knowledgeable person as cosmetologist are only allowed to give the facial session who have dually licensed therapy permission which can give massage as well as facials. .

Facials are done and preferred mostly for any function or parties. There are basic steps to be followed for a facial session which includes consultation, preparations, cleansing, skin testing and analysis, steam, exfoliation, extraction etc.


Facial sessions start with a consultation which is done by filling one form with some questions asked about your skin, diet, and water consuming amount, products applied before on your skin. Retin-A and other drugs give some effect to your skin and thus, these questions are asked before using Retin-A correctly and decide which facial to be done for pores treatment.


The beauty salons have their separate rooms for facial sessions which is made separately as the person has to remove their clothes partially or whole and wear the wrap or loose frock given by beautician or cosmetologist. And this way preparations are done.

Cleansing and analysis of your skin with steam

Cleansing is the first step in a facial process which includes cleansing of your skin via cotton, wipes tissues with a double cleaning of skin. Now another step done is analyzing your skin and decide whether it is with makeup or without makeup with the identification of skin type for using creams accordingly and skin treatments keeping in mind with pore facial to be done or not. It is followed by massage and steam on your skin. For Bellezza Aesthetics Reviews Click Here

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