Factors that affect the height of residential flagpoles

For selecting your flagpoles for your residential area, then the first and foremost thing to see is height, how much height of pole you want? Whether it should be the largest flagpole or normal height which results in the overall looks of the flagpole.

Now, a question arises in all of your minds, what is the reason for deciding height, it can be up to your decision, but the answer is no, there are some factors which you need to keep in mind that will give effect to you tallest flagpole height.

Below is the list of factors that will affect residential flagpole.

  • Place or location

Deciding place or location is necessary which is considered outdoors or indoors. If you are thinking to keep it inside the building, then the height will come up to its limit or else it will reach the roof and with its sharp edge or corner, damage your roof paint or POP. If you live in a residential area, you can attach flagpole on the common ground with as much height you wish. But, if you are in a short residential area, tallest flagpole will not be suitable for an outdoor area.

  • Size of area

Flagpoles look good in a big area with its tallest height appearance. It is not only for a place of a residential flagpole but also for its appearance which depends on the size of the area surrounding flagpole. If it is a large area, then the largest flagpole will give the best look. The size of the premises will affect the height of the pole. If size is not too large, keep it in the medium to a large height, don’t opt for the largest or tallest flags.

  • Flagpole angle

When you want the height of flagpole as per your choice, you need an angle for it. As the height of poles comes in wide sizes but it is possible that it may vary from your chosen certain level height and so the angle is needed to reach the height of your choice straight. Angle is needed mandatorily when you are going to attach flagpole on the wall, instead of ground or brick.

  • Size of the flag

Size of the flags differs which comes in residential flags, average flags, bigger or smaller which can be disproportional to your pole’s height, which will look inappropriate.

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