Find out how Eco-friendly Apartments in Bangalore will save you money


Saving the environment is the need of the hour, the realty sector in Bangalore is showing its support for this cause by building eco-friendly homes and apartments. Real Estate Developers In Bangalore are taking the green route and are offering several residential projects that have homes built using eco-friendly materials.

The construction of green buildings begins by adopting eco-friendly methods of construction and materials used. The projects need to conform to the LEED Silver, Gold or Platinum and IGBC certification standards. Over 75% of the waste needs to be sent for recycling.

Green homes across the country need to be built using eco-friendly materials for construction. Such homes need to be well insulated, should have energy-efficient windows and need to have rooftop solar panels for reducing energy consumption. Efficient plumbing facilities, compact lighting options like LED and productive green spaces are something that most of the green homes have today.

Multistory buildings that claim to be eco-friendly should offer several recycling centers for residents to sort their daily waste in the way of reuse and recycle. Since landscaping is a major factor when it comes to properties, builders are constructing several gardens across projects that conserve water and mostly utilize native plants; also they are building wastewater treatment plants.

A recent report said that according to the 12th Five Year Plan, 600 million individuals would be residing in urban areas and this might result in the emergence of over 60 to 70 cities like Bangalore. And with green homes becoming imperative – the country will fast become the 3rd largest green construction market by 2025 and the need for IGBC Certified Projects in Bangalore will increase accordingly. Since conserving the environment is becoming the need of the hour, the government too is taking many greener initiatives and pushing builders to create IGBC certified projects. They are now coming up with several plans to build solar-powered green homes in Bangalore as well as across the country.

Eco-friendly homes also let its owners enjoy and to be proud of several monetary benefits. The lower maintenance costs and the high price return on investment are luring several property seekers to invest in such properties nowadays. So now instead of just buying a regular apartment consider buying an Eco-Friendly Homes in Bangalore. You would not only be doing your bit by living in a green home you could end up with a great investment for the future.



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